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Why Peaks?

Investing only for the happy few? Nonsense! We believe that everyone should be able to invest. Whether you have a lot of money or just a little, and whether you are up to date on the latest financial news or not. That’s why we’ve built an app that makes putting aside money and investing easy and accessible - for everyone. 

Coin Tube 2.0

Peaks originated from the Old Dutch piekenpijp, a coin tube that made saving for something fun (or useful) easy. Peaks makes it even easier to set aside small amounts of money, by transferring your spare change from your bank to your investment account. A kind of modern-day coin tube. 

With this idea in tow, Tom Arends, Rutger Beens and Sijbrand Tieleman - the three founders of Peaks - went to Rabobank. They pitched and Rabobank listened. Thanks to Rabobank’s decision to invest in the concept, Peaks is now up and running. 

You never what life will throw at you. What I do know is that an extra nest egg can always come in handy and makes you feel more at ease. That’s why I always tell people: just start building that nest egg!  Sijbrand Tieleman, Co-founder

What we find important

  • 1

    Investing for everyone

    Thanks to Peaks investing is no longer complicated or out-of-reach. With our app, anyone can do it. 

  • 2


    We are open. About the costs, the risks and where you invest your money: companies dedicated to sustainability. 

  • 3

    You decide

    You choose your own risk, how often and how much you invest, and for how long you invest. You can also access your money at any time.

Peaks in numbers

  • Colleagues 43
  • Nationalities 13
  • Average age 30
  • Investing newbies 23

Introducing: the Peaks colleagues

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